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The following generous offer was recently received from one of our L&B Trust overseas members:

"Lyn Baldwin is keen to fast-track membership numbers in the 762 Club from the current 180 to 200 by the end of May 2012.

To help increase 762 Club memberships, Lyn will pay for one full adult
membership in the L&B Trust (renewal or new individual membership) for each
person (or their nominee) taking out a new 762 Club membership between now and midnight BST on May 31st 2012. If you have already renewed your L&B Trust
membership for 2012, then Lyn will fund your 2013 renewal.

In addition, If 200 762 Club memberships are achieved by 31 May 2012, Lyn will
chose - at random - one of the new Club members (of those from 181-200), or their
nominee, to receive a free individual Life Membership in the L&B Trust.

(By "taking out a new 762 Club membership" we mean either paying in full or
committing to an installment plan and paying at least the initial installment
during the time period noted.)

Yet more goodies! For the purchaser of 762 Club membership number 190, and
200, Lyn Baldwin will give as a gift two free first class tickets on the L&B –
but only if both these membership numbers are taken out before midnight BST on May 31st 2012.

Help us get the Yankee onto L&B metals to pull the heritage coaches!"

As you can see, "Lyn Baldwin" is a keen supporter of the L&B and the 762 Club project in particular, and this is the fifth such offer that has been made over the past few years. Please do consider taking it up if you can, and if you want any more information, please drop us a line.

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