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March 2017 Spring Working Weekend - Day 1


Roadworks TriangleAnother L&B Orange Army Weekend!

For reasons beyond our control, we were unable to do any work at the Wistlandpound site or any of the areas for which we are currently awaiting Planning Permission. So instead March's working weekend is located in the cutting immediately north of Bratton Fleming station, clearing years of vegetation growth.

This first report from Friday by James Bloomfield

1. The cutting is very wet underfoot as everyone gets stuck into clearing the undergrowth.

2. Piling up the cut wood ready for collection.

3 & 4. The L&B's excavator fitted with the bucket attachment, clearing away several years of organic matter. Underneath however, the track bed is solid rock.

5 & 6. A lovely find. An L&B concrete mile post set into the solid rock cutting. The number eight just discernible, that's eight miles from Barnstaple.

7. Peter Nicholas stacks wood ready for collection next to the eight mile post, highlighted by the yellow tape.

8. The cutting here is very steep. Rob Ford (left), high up on the cutting side, while Keith Lamprey and Richard Rider look on.

9. The excavator now fitted with the log grabber made many trips during the day.

10. David Moore, looks on. For many years David looked after this stretch of trackbed with just a handful of friends. These days nature is winning the battle, which is why the L&B volunteers have come to lend a hand.

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