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Special Report - Heritage Carriages


Roadworks TriangleLong distance carriage repairs!

After spending a few days in the Colchester Workshops machining and priming the wood...

... David Ely and Charles Summers travelled down to Woody Bay to carry out some running repairs.

The main task was to remove the 120-year-old panelling from the interior of Carriage No 7 observation compartment that had reached the end of its life.

The spare wood that we had brought to replace any of the framing under the panels was not needed, apart from one strengthening member to reinforce an area of "wet rot".

The whole area was soaked in "Cuprinol 5 Star" woodworm killer then all the panels were replaced with new.

Three seats should have had steel strengtheners installed underneath, (as we have already done to one already) but our router gave up the ghost, so these will be sent down to Devon by courier from Chelmsford.

The other carriages were checked and a number of repairs done including replacing a droplight, easing seven ventilators, repairing one door and freeing one jammed droplight.

By the end of the week, we were cold, tired, and ready for the 260-mile run home, but glad that the Heritage Carriages are prepared for another 50,000 passengers next year. It’s now down to the lads in Devon to continue their yearly overhauls and painting while we return home to work on Carriage No 5.

More photos below.

Words and pictures by Charles Summers

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