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Work in Progress: 10th November


Roadworks TriangleThe sleeper awakes!

Roger Bye has sent us a bumper-bundle of photos to accompany his report relating to work at Woody Bay this week.

1. When the north wind doth blow....the Thursday Gang are out on the track once more!

So that the reader may appreciate and share with us the joys and wonders of sleeper replacement, here is a step by step guide!

2. 3. & 4. Having identified the defective sleeper by the dreaded yellow cross, the ballast is cleared from around the sleeper and then the clips, screws and plates are removed...

5. 6. & 7. Enthusiastic use of the sledge hammer and sleeper tongs expedites the removal of the defective sleeper.

8. & 9. The new sleeper is persuaded into position with leg power (it’s getting back up that can be difficult!)

10. The base plates are replaced and the sleeper is ready for...

11. ..drilling.

12. The screws are pre-greased...

13. ... and located in position ready to be fastened down...

14. yet more muscle power!

15. The Pandrol clips are inserted before a final packing of the ballast using a Kango Hammer...

16. ...and the job is done.

Over the past few months the Gang have replaced 200 sleepers and are enthusiastically (?) awaiting the delivery of yet more sleepers and yellow paint so that they can continue the work! Fancy joining us?

17. The signalling crew are continuing their amazing work converting old rail lengths into...

18. signals ready for the extension.

19. Here are two rail-built signals almost complete with arms, platforms, lights and the various necessary electrical switches, levers and counterweights.

20. In addition work is in hand integrating these three lever frame sections into a single frame.

21. & 22. In the Paint Shop Barrie Cann (left) and Jim Pounds (right) continue with their painstaking carriage paintwork restoration.

23. 24. & 25. Having the carriages in use 242 days a year takes a toll on the paintwork.

26. 27. & 28. However, dedicated sanding, priming and repainting restores their former glory.

29. In preparation for the Remembrance Day commemorations, Dave Bloomfield was busy setting up the Public Address system and .....

30. the shed AXE awaits Sunday - appropriately attired.

Photos and words Roger Bye

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