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Work in Progress: 11th January


Roadworks TriangleBusy Day today!

With Nigel away visiting family and friends (and accumulating yet more rail miles!), this week's report has once again been provided by Roger Bye.

1. On a beautiful but cold winter's day...

2. was "all hands on track" at Woody Bay, following on from last week's lifting of one of the tracks to the shed.

3. 4. & 5 Some (hard) work earlier in the week enabled the gang today to remove the rails embedded in the shed concrete floor.

6. At the other end of the road new sleepers and rails were laid. The first section of rail was to be secured by spikes. Dave and Steve are levering the sleepers up in contact with the rail while Dave gets the drill to bore pilot holes for the spikes. Dave, armed with hammer, prepares....

7. ... to hammer the spikes home. Note the two track gauges in place to ensure the correct spacing of the rails. Today there were six "Daves" on site, which does confuse communication at times!

8. & 9. After drilling holes in the new rails, the recovered fish plates, cleaned up by Tim (left), were then used to join the rails together.

10. & 11. The rail lengths immediately before the shed were secured with plates, clips and screws. The final lengths were manhandled into position and fastened down.

12. After a hard day's work, the track to the shed was successfully reinstated, although some final alignment and levelling is required.

While all this track laying work was progressing, our painters had been hard at work.

13. Nigel continued to refurbish the station benches, having to extract weed growth from some of the cracks and crevices!

14. Jim was painting coach ends in the paint shop.

15. & 16. In the workshop, Peter was machining the retaining straps, which are part of the signalling component as shown in the left hand drawing

17. Keith and Mel cleaned out surface drains and swept up the inevitable winter debris to ensure the station looks its best...

18. ...under the setting misty winter sun.

Words and pictures Roger Bye

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