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Work in Progress: 14th December


Roadworks TriangleWintry showers but trackwork must progress.....

With the track layout at Killington Lane being remodelled due to the installation of the new turnouts early next year, it's time to begin preparing the ground there.

1. & 2. First of the many jobs today was the preparation of this buffer-stop panel.

3. Meanwhile, another task was to collect the stored pandrol base-plates earmarked for use with replacement rails.

4. These rails were lifted out to assess for reuse with the new turnouts at Killington Lane.

5. After lunch work began to dismantle the former transhipment/ballast loading siding. The first short panel was soon despiked and the sleepers stacked.

6. Despiking this curved panel of the siding.

7. & 8. Martyn Budd in the L&B's excavator makes easy work of lifting the disconnected track panels to stack out of the way.

9. Always a 'sad' sight: lifted track with ballast voids revealed. But this remodelling will provide adequate space for our future plans.

Meanwhile back at Woody Bay.

10. Dave's (Evans and Bloomfield) repair a fence panel blown down during last week's storms.

11. Jim Pounds and Barrie Cann continue to repaint the inside of the observation compartment of carriage No.7.

12. In the workshop, Peter Wainwright makes a new bearing bush for ISAAC's motion as part of the winter work schedule.

13. PILTON waits patiently outside of the shed .

Words and pictures by Nigel Thompson except for 1,2,3 and 6 by Roger Bye

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