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Work in Progress: 14th September


Roadworks TriangleThe Autumn Gala approaches...

This week's report comes from Roger Bye:

1. ISAAC, after refurbishment of its clack valves last week, steams back from Killington Lane under the overcast sky that greeted the Thursday Gang today..

2, 3. The forecast of heavy rain for the afternoon did not deter the Thursday Gang stalwarts, who embarked upon a frenzy of strimming, slashing and sawing to clear vegetation from the station and car park areas to make them neat and tidy for the forthcoming Gala.

4, 5. Dave and Keith wielded strimmers ...

6, 7. ...while Dave, Graham, Kevin, Malcolm, Tim, Ali, and others sawed through gorse and removed debris.

8, 9. The reward for all this hard work is the opportunity to get some good photos of the trains from new vantage points!

10, 11. In the workshop, the electrical Daves were deep in discussion about cabling up a new piece of equipment, while nearby, Peter continued his seemingly interminable machining of signalling components.

12. Outside the shed, PILTON - resplendent in its black livery - was ready for some shunting duties, while today's driver Graham attends to the lubrication of ISAAC's motion.

13. Roger and Terry travelled to KIllington Lane to apply preservative to the timber post and rail fencing near the lever frame. This work is essential to protect the timber from the weather in this exposed location, as the deterioration that can be seen at the bottom edge of the running in board demonstrates.

14. And finally ... a view of ISAAC returning to Woody Bay with some of today's passengers looking on.

Words and some photos by Roger Bye, (1-5, 8 & 9 by Graham Rust)

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