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Work in Progress: 15th February


Roadworks TriangleHalf Term Week

It doesn't seem so long since New Year when trains were running and the railway was open and receiving visitors. Now it's February and the L&BR is once again one of the few attractions open for the visitors to North Devon and Exmoor.

1. Tony Cross back on duty looking after the Booking Office and Shop for the visitors. Although not photographed today our catering team led by Judy Williams were busy throughout.

2. Today's locomotive AXE with Driver Graham Bridge and Fireman Malcolm Smith.

3. Guard Bob Ayres looks after the two carriage train.

4. AXE ready to leave.

Much else going on at Woody Bay with signalling work underway, paint shop progress and the commencement of enlarging the pit within the shed.

5. The new up starter signal installed is now having the ground based pulley mechanisms fixed as Alistair Burgess and Dave Peach pause during some digging.

6. Another gang dug in concrete "horses" to support the detector wire and pulley arrangement that allows only the correct signals to be pulled 'off' for trains in the up (Barnstaple) direction.

7. Back in the Paint Shop, Dave Evans in action constructing a short-term bench for the specialist painting of detachable parts of ISAAC.

8. Meanwhile the "paint shop boys" - Jim Pounds and Barrie Cann are sanding down ISAAC's boiler cladding prior to the repaint.

9. No. 762 LYN is now stabled in the Paint Shop.

As we eagerly await the permission to extend the railway to Parracombe, Blackmoor and Wistlandpound, there are yet more enhancements to all our facilities at Woody Bay. Expect many of these improvements to be recorded in the Work in Progress reports this year.

With LYN now on site as well as the heritage carriages, and as all require regular inspections and maintenance of their running gear, particularity the bogies, wheelsets and underframe, the current service pit at Woody Bay - designed back in the days of the Thorpe Park era - is being extended.  The current pit is not long enough to service a whole carriage length in one go and it was considered that this vital project needed to be completed before the main season gets underway.

10. Today, work began on the project to extend/enlarge the inspection pit. The first job was to remove the pit-road rail.

11. Here the gang are busy disconnecting the rails which run over the existing pit.

12. Orange-clad gang members break up the concrete alongside the rails.

Words and Photos Nigel Thompson.

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