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Work in Progress: 15th June


Roadworks TriangleSummer days at last!

Nigel Thompson provides this week's report

1st Holiday done! Having just returned today from a cycling holiday following the routes of some of the railways in the Scottish Borders, this week I can report further increased visitor numbers at Woody Bay and more record takings in the Tea -Rooms.

Today, the majority of the Thursday gang group were down the line continuing the sleeper replacement programme, whilst others were tasked with the usual variety of tasks required. Your reporter Nigel, was kept busy sorting out and displaying the many pre-owned books that continue to be donated to the railway each week.

1. Keith Lamprey took on a new project installing a concrete fence post and strainer on the bank at the bottom of the entrance drive.

2. Inside the painshop Jim Pounds was applying red paint to PILTON's buffer beams.

3. Outside on the platform, Nigel Spencer was painting green to more of the cleaned up platform fence railings as ISAAC arrives back to Woody Bay.

4. Inside the shop, Guard Bob Ayres, Tony Cross and Mel Maddocks enjoy a rare quiet moment.

Other work today included progress with the signal post construction projects by Don Newnham.

Words and photos by Nigel Thompson.

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