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Work in Progress: 16th February


Roadworks TriangleHalf Term Week - Trains, Visitors and Volunteers!

Nigel Thompson has sent us this weeks report

1. Driver Graham Varney brings ISAAC into Woody Bay with a passenger train.

2. Fireman Andy Foster urges Guard Bob Ayres to hurry up checking the tickets as it’s nearly time for another departure.

3. In the Tea-Rooms, volunteer Irene Cross poses by the cake displays on the new window shelf…..

4. ….whilst early-bird customers, Hugh and Phil enjoy their refreshments..... the newly decorated front parlour.

6. The view from the stable as visitors and their families mingle after arrival.

7. In the shed; the weekly view of Jim Pounds sees a close up his detailed painting around the window frames.

8. An alternative view of Barrie Cann this week - seen through the carriage window as he paints around the other side.

9. Meanwhile outside, Nigel Spencer paints some Rustoleum primer onto a section of de-rusted fence railings by the shed.

10. There was some track maintenance today as Ali Burgess takes a turn with the Kango hammer packing stone around the pointwork at the Lynton end of the station.

11. Many of the Thursday Gang took turns at creocoting the Arris rails destined for the occupation crossings near Killington Lane.

12. With the Tea-Rooms busy this afternoon, the volunteers still manage the traditional 3pm tea and cake break in the marquee.

Words and photos: Nigel Thompson.

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