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Work in Progress: 16th March


Roadworks TriangleSpring-like last week - but not this week!

Another bumper photo report from Woody Bay courtesy of Roger Bye and Graham Rust. Work also continued un-photographed at Rowley Moor and at Chelfham.

1. Under a gloomy North Devon sky, Nigel and Terry commenced work on the down platform railings today.

2. The “early” shift of the Thursday Gang started by shifting the picnic tables out of the marquee...

3. & 4. enable the white tea room tables and chairs to be set out.  After vigorous table cleaning by Irene Cross and Judy Williams, and enhanced by table cloths and flower vases, the Tea-Room "extension" was ready for the new season.

5. Others of the Gang spread ash between the Mess Room and the loading dock to make a better access path.

6. A start was made today on the task of fishplate greasing in the Station roads. To accommodate the expansion and contraction of the rails, the rail joints and fishplates need to move. Annually or thereabouts, the fishplates are loosened and grease applied to them before re-tightening.  Several members of the current Thursday Gang had yet to experience this treat!

7. First, the nuts and bolts are loosened and the fishplates are freed from the rail with a good solid hammer blow.

8. & 9. Then the old grease is scraped off and new grease applied...

10. & 11. ...and the bolts refitted, then finally tightened by hand with a long spanner.

12. Here the Gang stand back while ISAAC prepares to couple up to one of today’s trains.

13. After sweeping the platform thoroughly of accumulated winter debris, Keith Lamprey turned his attention to the heritage phone-box. Maybe he was thought too well qualified for this, as he had recently retired after a 30-year career with BT!

14. In the shed at Woody Bay, Dave Evans began work on the new entrance to the workshop, by removing some of the partition walling.

15. Also in the shed, Jim Pounds and Barrie Cann continued their “First Class” coach painting.

16. & 17. Further progress has been made with PILTON. Now fitted with an air filter box and a new exhaust system, the loco was test-run by Nick Slade and John Uphill today.

18. Just before departure of the last train of the day,  the train crew - Fireman Graham Bridge, Driver Graham Varney, and Guard Jim Price - consider where to accommodate the sole passenger.

Photos Roger Bye and Graham Rust.

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