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Work in Progress: 16th November


Roadworks TriangleAutumnal Work

This week's report is a joint submission by Nigel Thompson and Roger Bye:

There is now a short lull until the Santa Specials, but lots to do at Woody Bay and along the line...

1. Half of today's gang continued the construction of the firelighting wood shelter. The roof supports are now fixed in place.

2. Next, a framework for the roof was assembled. Basic skills used here with saws, hammers, and nails!

3. Trying to find alternative views of Carriage No.7 painters Barrie Cann and ...

4. ... Jim Pounds.

5. AXE was over the pit this week for renewal of the brake blocks.

6. The engineers in the pit are able to access underneath the locomotive.

7. Dave Evans is 'cabbing' LYN, as he adjusts a sticky cab door catch.

8. Under glorious winter skies, a select group of the Thursday Gang comprising of Kevin, Roger, Dave and Ali, set off in a works train with Martyn Budd to carry out "jacking and packing".

9. The sound that train wheels make as they pass over rail joints, while being evocative, is also an audible indication of the pounding the track takes at the joints.  The vibration results in the ballast under the sleepers each side of the joint compacting, resulting in the rails dropping at the joint.  This can be a seen in this Manager's Eye View of the track.  The first visible joint is OK but the second can be seen to have dropped.  Today's job was to attend to some of these joints.

10. The track jacks were used to raise and level the joint. The ballast around the two sleepers each side of the joint was then raked away to expose the base of the sleepers.

11. Kango hammers with a special fitment were used to vibrate the ballast under the sleepers.

12. A close-up shows how the ballast is forced under the sleepers to maintain the new alignment. Four joints were completed today, despite the weather returning to the "normal" rain and mist after lunch!

Words and pictures by Nigel Thompson (1-7) and Roger Bye (6-12)

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