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Work in Progress: 17th August


Roadworks TriangleYet another busy day!

Roger Bye provides this week's report and photos:

1. The first train of the day approached Killington Lane, where...

2, 3. ...some of the Thursday Gang were already hard at work completing the extension to the platform started last week. The extension was edged with used sleepers, the security fence was moved and a safety rail installed alongside the lever frame.

4, 5. Having completed this task, the gang awaited the train to return to Woody Bay for lunch!

6. The variable weather encouraged visitors away from the beaches, and onto the Railway.

7. There was plenty of other work for the Thursday Gang to carry out at Woody Bay. Ali Burgess undertook the (‘orrible) job of cleaning out the ash pit.

8, 9. In the paint shop, the results of Jim's and Barrie’s work on PILTON were on display, while Dave was cabling up the running lights.

10. The electrical Daves were also finalising the installation of the defibrillator in the vintage telephone box.

11. Nigel Spencer treated the new lamp post with a top coat of paint..

12. Although not the most picturesque photo subject, the Victorian-era Gentlemen’s Toilet features this week as it was given a vigorous clean by Julian and Lindsay Palmer! Unfortunately your photographer was unable to obtain an action shot but one colleague did remark on the improved aroma!

13. Back in the shed, there was evidence of work on the hopper ballast wagon. This is being internally modified to improve ballast flow and minimise corrosion due to wet ballast being lodged on the internal structure. Steel plates are being cut to shape and welded in position along the lower edges of the hopper. These plates can be seen in the picture on the left-hand side of the wagon, contrasting with the original structure on the right-hand side.

14, 15. Today Keith, Dave, Dave, Kevin and Roger virtually completed the fencing alongside the road. Dave Evans fitted a reclaimed gate to give improved contractor access. We think Martyn Budd is pleased with the result!

16. The final photo shows visitors of all ages watching ISAAC take on coal and water, Tracey mowing the grass (Graham was off-camera supervising!), and the prolific garden plot shows some of the vast range of activities required to make the L&B successful.

Words and photos by Roger Bye

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