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Work in Progress: 18th May


Roadworks TriangleAfter the Gala........

Nigel Thompson once again provides this week's report.

Well last weekend was another very successful Spring Gala for the the L&BR. Today the Thursday gang continued the work of putting everything away again until September. The temporary marquees were taken down and stored, tables, chairs and signs put away, Barbecues cleaned and stored.

1. Trains were operating again today and saw a useful number of visitors.

2. The footplate crew today were Doug Mills and Graham Bridge and the loco was ISAAC.

3. Volunteers enjoyed their afternoon tea and cake break outside in the spring sunshine.

4. The other task begun today was preparation of an area within the shed for further concreting the floor.

5. The gang have everything in place to mix the concrete for this floor area at the back of the shed.

Words and photos: Nigel Thompson

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