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Work in Progress: 1st February


Roadworks TriangleRemembering Trevor but the work still carries on!

This weeks report comes from Nigel Thompson.

It is with great regret to have to report the sad and >sudden passing away of Trevor Buck this week. Trevor had been a very active volunteer in recent years after moving to Devon from Birmingham. Trevor got involved with the signalling team and helped to restore to working order some of the L&B's. collection of tablet machines even being able to demonstrate two linked together at L&B Galas.

1. All of today's Thursday Gang gathered by the up starter signal as a gesture of remembrance in memory of Trevor Buck. One of Trevor’s last projects was to replace the arm of this signal.

2. PILTON with a works train passing the new up signal on the down platform, Daves (Bloomfield and Evans) having bolted the ex SR shunt signal onto the short lattice post.

3 . More repairs and painting of the platform benches by Terry Masterson and....

4. ......Nigel Spencer.

5. In the shed the 'Paint Shop Boys' are varnishing carriage No.7 and enjoying some banter as Jim finishes his banana, with Barrie offering to paint Jim's finger nails!

6. Not long now until the first trains of 2018. ;AXE is the locomotive rostered for the half-term week trains commencing February 11th.

With a large gang on site today - and as most were tasked with work at Woody Bay - a smaller track gang went down the line continuing the sleeper renewals which had been begun by the working weekend gangs last weekend. Another 13 sleepers were installed as today's gang headed towards Killington Lane.

The crossover at Woody Bay was successfully relaid last weekend and this week’s gangs have been tasked with a few jobs to complete the project.

7. Alistair Burgess uses a Kango hammer to tamp around the new crossover and running lines.

8. The main job today was to continue the new drainage pipe now laid under the track. Unfortunately it was not possible for the railways excavator to access the bank towards the woodland (in fact the excavator was being repaired this morning) so General Manager Martyn Budd asked everyone to dig the shallow trench by hand!

9. Surrey Group member Nick Brown was still around after the working weekend and joined the Thursday gang to get stuck in to this digging job.

10 . The trench takes shape as the excavator undergoes repair - frustratingly on the wrong side of the tracks!

11. & 12. With the trench complete the dammed up water is released to flow away.

13. 14. & 15. The pipe is laid and chippings packed around then finally backfilled to finish the job.

16. The excavator - now operational - is used to carefully dig the other end of this pipe run which is under the loading dock siding.

17. But still lots more hand digging to do under the track and into the manhole.

18. Alistair Burgess 'load tests' a temporary pallet bridge over the trench.

Later, pipes were cut and installed under the track to link into the existing manhole. This drain is designed to prevent flooding around the toilet block path when heavy rain onto the A39 overflows the existing drain. This new pipe should help alleviate this regular problem.

Words and Photos Nigel Thompson.

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