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Work in Progress - 21 October

Before the rain took hold, the Thursday gang suitably dressed all over in orange as usual, worked in the overflow car park field to dismantle two stored ex MOD 2'6" gauge turnouts. These turnouts had been partially dismantled with a view to regauging a couple of years ago but had been left in the field as other turnouts from the store at Killington Lane were used to upgrade the turnouts there in last winters maintenance period.

1. The gang begin to unscrew and unclip the turnouts rails from sleepers.
2. Dismantling the stored turnout in the field.
3. AXE on the train passing the field as the volunteers continue the dismantling.
Later the mini-digger was used to lift all the rails away from the field ready to load to the bogie flat wagon for transport to Killington Lane. There, as time permits the turnouts will be reassembled and regauged onto good quality crossing timbers ready for future use in the track extensions.
4. Side on view of AXE with the train as seen from the overflow car park field.

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