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Work in Progress: 23rd November


Roadworks TriangleInundation and Education!

This week's report is from Nigel Thompson.

1. & 2. Firstly, no chance of Carriage painters Jim Pounds and Barrie Cann getting wet as they continued with more work on their respective sides of Carriage No.7.

3. Still for sale. John Uphill's new-build small Bagnall, FAITH, keeping dry in the shed.

4. The wood store gang progressed further with their project, still using basic woodworking skills.

5. A load of old pallets were sawn up ready to go into the completed wood store for locomotive fire lighting. PILTON is stabled outside the shed.

6. Not long to the Santa Specials. Inside the station Catering Manager, Judy Williams, assists Father Christmas today by wrapping up many presents which Santa will hand out to the children next month. There is a considerable amount of organising work undertaken by all the volunteers and staff at present which all greatly helps the successful and profitable running of the Santa Specials programme.

After lunch, the volunteers collected up all the tools required for the forthcoming working weekend. Then the heavens opened so everyone sheltered inside the shed. General Manager Martyn Budd took this opportunity to explain some of the finer points of steam loco operation. including the superheating and exhaust systems inside the smokebox of LYN whilst making various comparisons to the original locomotive scrapped in 1935.

7. Martyn also showed us AXE's cab controls - pointing out the injector system for adding water into the boiler.

Although some volunteers are familiar with the basics of steam operations, it was very interesting today to hear from Martyn as he carefully explained some of the more technical aspects of some of our locomotive fleet.

One of the aims of the Lynton and Barnstaple Railway Trust is of course education, and this useful exercise today is just part of the whole railway experience for everyone concerned.

Words and pictures by Nigel Thompson

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