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Work in Progress: 27th April


Roadworks TriangleLooking forward to the warmer days in May!

This weeks report was compiled by Dorset irregular Graham Bendell:

A cold day for the time of year and it got colder after lunch. As is usual, though, the Thursday Gang managed to work on a variety of tasks. These included: painting, either preparation for or applying coatings, sleeper replacement and signal equipment fettling formed the bulk of the day’s activities.

1. Creocoting of fences continued and was completed by lunchtime.

2. Dave Evans seems completely immersed in creocoting the gate to the loading dock siding.

3. The locomotive crew today (and for the previous 2 days) was (Fireman Steve Castle & 4. Driver Steve Smart both from the Isle of Wight Steam Railway. An indication of the close links the L&B enjoys with this major heritage railway.

5. Trevor Buck prepares a component for a signal counter weight. He was brandishing a large file for most of the day!

6. Jim Pounds and Barry Cann spent the day rubbing down the bodywork on PILTON and applying filler where needed. Your scribe degreased PILTON's coupling rods.

7. Dave Bloomfield and new volunteer, Peter Wainwright, look over a recently acquired lathe. Peter has a lot of experience working with lathes, and machine tools, and immediately started work on preparing the lathe for its new life with the L&B. Welcome to the Gang, Peter.

8. Some of the Thursday gang replacing sleepers near Killington Lane. The yellow cross in a circle painted on the sleeper in the foreground denotes that it has been condemned and needs to be replaced.

9. Nigel Spencer applies green paint to the down platform fence and his trousers!

10. …….. ably assisted by Terry Marsterson. One day they will complete the job – just in time to start all over again! This really does make a difference to the appearance of the station and their efforts are much appreciated.

11. AXE was today’s locomotive, working a 3 coach set (17, 7 and 11). Carriage No.16 was not required and so was stabled in the loading dock siding. Bob Ayres was the guard today.

12. Afternoon tea was a crowded affair with 22 (+ the photographer) present when the photo was taken.

Other work I saw, but didn’t photograph, included the preparation of CHARLES WYTOCK's boiler for testing, Nigel Thompson continued with pricing up the large donation of second hand railway books received recently, Tony Cross manned the shop and Judy Williams was on duty in the tea rooms.

Words and photos: Graham Bendell, except 1 & 8 by Graham Rust.

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