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Work in Progress: 27th July


Roadworks TriangleBusy, busy, busy - Not a beach day!

Nigel Thompson, back from a short break, has filed this week's report:

So with all the schools on holiday, now for the summer, and many visitors and their families are here in North Devon, then on a showery day like today, it seems almost everyone is descending upon Woody Bay for their Steam Train and Lynton and Barnstaple Railway experience.

1. As ever, Bob Ayres is today's guard, seen in his compartment in Coach 17.

2. Fireman Andy Foster uncouples ISAAC from the train after arrival at Killington Lane.

3. The track gang and visitors observe ISAAC during the run-round.

4. ISAAC slowly backs onto the train, watched by many on this trip.

5. Driver John Uphill oils around ISAAC's motion.

6. The track gang was tasked with replacing a few crossing timbers (long sleepers) under the turnouts on the loop line at Killington Lane.

7. With the train alongside, visitors can observe the trackwork, and children ask the inevitable questions, such as: " What are they doing?" as the replacement sleeper is screwed down.

8. Tim Wilkinson from Tywyn joined the track gang today, assisting with tamping around the new sleeper.

9. Another sleeper is also replaced at this turnout, which serves the loading siding at Killington Lane.

10. The gang stand back as ISAAC arrives again.

11. Another sleeper being replaced on the loop line is near the shunt signal. ISAAC waits to depart.

12. In the shed, Jim Pounds has completed the refurbished plaque for Barnstaple Town station site, as Barrie Cann reflects on another day of progress painting PILTON.

13, 14, 15, 16. A series of pictures showing how we replenish the coal bunker. Martyn Budd with the clam shell bucket on the excavator lifts loads across from the bogie open wagon.

Other work completed today included some renewal of stained glass on the down platform lamps, further upgrades to the external lighting electrical supply, painting the goods yard gates, and more fabrication of signalling equipment for the new signals required for the railway expansion.

Of course mention too of all the shop & catering staff and volunteers, who ensured all our many visitors were given excellent service during their visit to Woody Bay today.

Words and photos by Nigel Thompson

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