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Work in Progress: 27th October


Roadworks TriangleA Thursday of variety

This week's report comes from Dorset based Graham Bendell.

1. A gloomy start to the day at Woody Bay.

2. AXE approaches out of the mist to couple up for the first train of the day.

3. LYN tucked away in the shed, ready for its next appearance at Members’ Day 12th November.

4. A view of LYN’s “office”.

5. Details of the top of LYN s boiler.

Up the line with Roger Bye

6. Looking for the rail stack.

7. Found it!

8. AXE runs-round at Killington Lane. Crew for today, driver John Uphill, fireman Dave Carter and trainee fireman Adam Wiles.

Back at Woody Bay.

9. New Thursday Gang member Alex Jeffrey was clearing fallen leaves from the compound and yard area.

10. Old short rail sections in transit.

11. Today’s guard, Bob Ayres, is startled to be captured by the camera!

12. PILTON stands in the headshunt siding.

13. CHARLES WYTOCK, also in the headshunt, is currently for sale.

14. The car park was full for most of the day.

15. Another day, another carriage. Barry Cann prepares carriage No.7 for spot repainting as part of the vehicles scheduled winter maintenance.  The work to maintain the heritage carriages in peak condition will always be ongoing.

16. Trainee fireman Adam Wiles couples AXE up to its train after running-round.

17. Moving one of the picnic table's – not as easy as you would think.

18. Tony Cross was on duty as usual in the shop.

19. Judy Williams and her team manage to have a chat during a quiet period.

20. An early tea break was taken as there was still more to do up the line.

21. AXE is serviced between trains.

22. Another replacement sleeper is installed…

23. ….and drilled.

24. The finished article ready for AXE to run over as the gang stands clear.

Words and photos by Graham Bendell, apart from 1, 6, 7, 17, 22, 23 and 24 which were by Roger Bye.

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