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Work in Progress: 3rd August


Roadworks TriangleAnother busy Thursday!

Graham Bendell has provided this week's report and bumper photo collection.

A day of very mixed, windy weather with sunny spells, cloudy and overcast, drizzle and showers. As is often the case on unsettled days, passenger loadings were good.

A slightly lower turnout with the S&T group changing their day to suit their domestic calendars and a few away on holiday. Nevertheless, steady progress was made on several fronts, including the realignment of the station boundary fence.

1. Martyn Budd’s superbly restored Ford Ploughmaster 75 tractor standing at Woody Bay Station, with a mower attached (not visible from this angle), waiting for an opportunity to mow the overflow car park grass.

2. Claire Jeans operated trains on the miniature railway, until rain eventually brought proceedings to a premature end.

3. Today’s locomotive was ISAAC with Murray Dods driving.

4. & 5. Dave Bloomfield worked in the telephone kiosk, repositioning the pay phone unit to enable the fitting with Dave Evans of the defibrillator box.

6. The defibrillator is dedicated to the memory of our late Thursday Gang colleague Martin Williams an ambulance paramedic, who passed away earlier this year.

7. AXE waited in the shed for its next turn of duty.

8. Peter Wainwright was in the workshop manufacturing parts for the S&T gang.

9. Dave Evans started the construction of a “cupboard under the stairs”. 10. Rocky the dog waited patiently for his owner, Clare, to come in from the rain and take him home.

11. Jim Pounds offered up one of the two DREWRY plates he has made. This must mean that the marathon PILTON paint job is nearing its end. & 12. Barry Cann painted the cab interior.

13. Not quite sure what this trio was doing, but it involved dropping things!

Meanwhile, outside

14. Today’s guard, Bob Ayres checked passengers’ tickets. & 15. The loco crew was Murray Dods (driving) and Andy Foster (firing).

16. A crowded platform at North Devon’s second busiest station.

17. Young visitor, Thomas, used the touch screen in the Stable to learn more about the L&B.

18. Nigel Spencer thought he could see blue sky. & 19. So out came the green paint. Sadly, his euphoria was short-lived as it rained shortly after this photo was taken!

20. Woody Bay station has a very well stocked shop, with souvenirs,.....

21. .......children’s toys....

22. ........and a large book section, both new and second hand. Nigel Thompson brought in some recently donated items and tidied up the stock.

23. Mel Maddocks concentrates as she serves a family in the shop.

Back outside.

24. Realigned fence posts on the A39 frontage.

25. Graham Varney shunted a flat wagon loaded with various components from out of the shed. The wagon was taken to the car park for the parts to be off-loaded onto a road vehicle for storage off-site.

26. Tea and cake time!. Always a welcome interlude.

Today was a day of missed photo opportunities. Apologies to Catering Manager Judy Williams and her team as I failed to capture a scene which showed adequately just how busy they were. Several photos were retaken as the subjects either looked away, blinked, looked grumpy or were “catching flies” – You know who you are!

Words and photos by Graham Bendell

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