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Work in Progress: 6th April


Roadworks TriangleSpring, sunshine, signalling and grease!

Woody Bay Station is a great place to be at any time but especially when the sun is shining, the train is looking good; being enjoyed by the Easter school holiday visitors, and the volunteers are busy with all the variety of jobs around the station and down the line. Nigel Thompson.

1. Resident Engineer John Uphill is todays driver of AXE, the locomotive he helped to rebuild and restore almost 10 years ago.

2. This is S&T No.1 a trolley-wagon recently constructed by the signalling team for the purpose of moving the heavy rail built signal posts around.

3. Signal & Telegraph engineers Don Newnam and Dick Gunn continue equipment restoration and reassembly this week.

4. Time for repainting the down home rail built post by Don and Trevor Buck.

5. Later, Dick got involved and of course he had to have the higher platform!

6. Ali Burgess was tasked with greasing some of the point mechanisms around Woody Bay.

7. The fishplate greasing track gang waited for more grease and posed for pictures.

8. At the other end of the station, Terry Marsterson was without his partner Nigel Spencer today, but still managed to paint some top coat SR green onto sections of the fence that they had recently cleaned up.

9. Visitors enjoyed the sunshine at the outside ‘Tea Room's’ tables including Julian and Lindsay Palmer taking a day off from their usual volunteering duties at Woody Bay.


10. Also without his usual painting partner (Jim Pounds on holiday in Wales); Barrie Cann was busy with the final varnishing of some window drop lights from now refurbished and repainted Heritage Carriage No.17. The intention is for the carriage to re-enter service next week in time for the expected busy Easter weekend.

11. Electrical Dave Drayson was busy wiring the upgraded supply within the workshop inside the shed. With the power off here, Dave welcomed the brief flash of the camera for that extra light!

12. New Thursday Gang recruit, Keith Lamprey, after retiring from a career in the telecommunications industry, was deemed the ideal volunteer to help dig a trench from the portacabin to the mess room for a cable duct to link the station to the General Managers Office. Alistair Burgess and Dave Bloomfield also helped with this project today.

13. Regular Thursday Guard Bob Ayres (right) had two assistants today. Very smartly dressed John Bond (left) and young volunteer Jamie Ward helped to provide a quality image of the L&BR staff on duty at Woody Bay.

14. Finally from me, a classic view of AXE departing Woody Bay with an afternoon service in the glorious Exmoor sunshine. It’s not always like this!

15. Some of the Thursday gang continue with the ongoing greasing of fishplates along the line.

16. Both grease pumps developed blockages during the day. Dave and Mike use an adjustable spanner and thin metal rod to clear the blockage on one of the pumps.

17. The gang stand clear as AXE passes with the 11:45 from Killington Lane - looking glorious!

Words and photos 1 - 14 by Nigel Thompson, Photos 15 - 18 by Graham Rust.


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