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Work in Progress: 8th June


Roadworks TriangleFlaming June?

With Nigel Thompson away on his holidays, Roger Bye has assembled this week's report.

1. As the usual view of Devon hills had today disappeared behind mist and heavy rain...

2. ...the dedicated members of the Thursday Gang congregated by the shed to decide what jobs could be done in the appalling conditions.

3. The weather focused attention on the various drains around the station building that had become blocked.  With these and later the station building gutters attended to, the persistent rain was successfully channelled away.

4. The lovely blooming plant troughs added much-needed brightness to the station. & 5. Deserted platforms as Driver John Uphill brought ISAAC back into Woody Bay. A delicate touch on the regulator being required to avoid slipping on the greasy, wet rails.

6. However, despite the weather, there was a steady stream of passengers coming from as near as Barnstaple and as far away as Scarborough!

7. The Barnstaple Live at Home Group (who assist people over 60 to continue living in their own homes), also paid us a visit and, after a short introductory talk from Dave Tooke, enjoyed refreshments and a ride on the train under the watchful eye of today’s Guard, Bob Ayres.

8. Some work was underway in the dry today; Dave Bloomfield was working on ducting for computer cabling...

9. ...while Barrie Cann and Jim Pounds continued painting PILTON.

10.  A load of redundant pallets arrived for engine firewood. Meanwhile, others braved the wet, collected discarded sleepers and transported them to Killington Lane.

11. Keith Lamprey demonstrated his expertise with a broom and made the platform look immaculate as ISAAC steamed in from Killington Lane in the care of today’s footplate crew; Driver John Uphill and Fireman Julian Sinclair.

12. Mercifully, the rain eased later in the afternoon and the sun appeared, allowing today’s Controller, Dave Evans, to chat with colleagues...

13. ...against the backdrop of the Exmoor countryside which had finally emerged from the cloud and rain.

Words and photos by Roger Bye.

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