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Work in Progress: 9th February


Roadworks TriangleGetting ready for trains again!

This week's report was provided by Nigel Thompson.

Just a few days to go before the resumption of passenger trains for the Half Term week. At Woody Bay there were lots of jobs going on for everyone.

1. Dave Evans was in the marquee carrying out woodwork repairs to some of the picnic tables. Dave was replacing some rotten legs on a few of these well-used tables.

2. Nigel Spencer was at his usual position with more cleaning and later painting of more sections of the railings fence.

3. With ISAAC rostered for next week’s trains, Ali Burgess (in cab) and Graham Bridges (on boiler) were busy cleaning the loco.

4. Lunch in the Marquee. With a training course on the use and maintenance of chainsaws for various L&B personnel taking place in the mess room, today’s lunch hour for the volunteers was taken in the marquee instead.

5. There was the usual extra cake on offer (homemade by the volunteer’s wives) as Ali Burgess and Dave Pratt tuck in to their slice.

6. Over the winter shutdown the old stable was used to store various boxes of leaflets, donated books and magazines. Your reporter Nigel Thompson together with Roger Bye, today cleared out everything, sorted and disposed, replaced, displayed much of the second-hand book and DVD collections.

7. After completion of the tidying-up, Roger reinstated the educational interactive computer system that he designed. This has now been upgraded to a touch-screen, making it easier for our visitors to find out more about the railway, its history, loco's, carriages, wagons, track etc. as well as our extension plans.

8. Following on from the catering staff’s and friends splendid completion of the redecoration of the tea rooms recently, Jim Price continues his carpentry tasks of installing odd shelves here and in the kitchen. Note the new specials blackboard – “Just the Ticket”.

9. Electrical Dave Blencowe has been upgrading the phone system from behind the booking office/ shop counter.

10. In the shed, work on Carriage 17 progresses steadily. Barrie Cann has now been "promoted" as he is now working by the First Class compartment…..

11. ……whilst Jim Pounds is still about around a Third Class compartment.

12. Electrical Dave Bloomfield has completed some of the upgrade to the pit lights (left side) whilst in the background the training course for the L&B’s chainsaw operatives has now moved onto maintenance and sharpening.

13. Trevor Buck - member of the L&B's Signalling Team - was on site today greasing all the points, cranks and rollers at Woody Bay.

Meanwhile the orange army were busy somewhere…..

14. Bright and sunny at Woody Bay – all day!

15. & 16. Laying a border of ballast stone by the disabled parking area.

17-21. Taking the tools down the line for more sleeper renewals. The gang welcomed new volunteers John and Jamie today. Another 14 completed only ....? to do!

Words and photos 1-13 by Nigel Thompson. Photos 14-21 by Graham Rust

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