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Work in Progress: 9th March


Roadworks TriangleStill spring-like and still much to do!

This week's bumper photo report comes courtesy of Roger Bye.

1. The Thursday gang were surprised to be greeted with sunshine and some blue sky after the torrential rain, high winds and rain of Wednesday.

2. The carriages stand ready for the first passengers of the day while ISAAC is prepared for duty...

3...and today’s guard Bob Ayres chats with trainee guard John Bond.

4.The beautifully planted flower trough by the platform gate is the work of Don and Mary who were here earlier in the week.

5. In the shed there had been further progress on PILTON with engine covers fitted and a new cab floor.  The vacuum brake can be seen.  There was evidence of preparation for painting as well.

It would have been really useful today to have the railway back connecting Chelfham, Blackmoor Gate, Parracombe and Woody Bay as quite a few of the Thursday Gang members were tasked with moving various items and chairs between these L&B locations today – all by road!

6. Moving steel joists destined for the miniature railway...

7. & 8...shifting scrap metal at the transhipment siding - with the help of the excavator.

9. & 10...clearing rubbish at Ivy Cottage.

11. Moving various items including a ladder!

12...Human chain handling fishplates.

13. And then chairs!

14. Burning brushwood at Woody Bay after tree-trimming.

15. A welcome cup of tea courtesy of Nigel Thompson!

16. In the shed Jim Pounds was doing some detailed painting on the carriage. Notice the contrast between the newly varnished panels and those awaiting their top coats.

17. Reflected in the completed side of the coach, Jim price and Dave Evans were working on modifications to the workshop to accommodate some better quality lathes that have been donated to the Railway. The double doors into the paint shop were removed...

18...and the gap was filled in.

19. Here Dave Bloomfield (left) and Dave Evans contemplate the mechanical and electrical implications of fitting a new double door access from the shed.

20. Outside the shed, in the spring sunshine John Uphill and John Heys were continuing the dismemberment of CHARLES WYTOCK.

21. Nigel Spencer, our “artist in residence”....,

22.......was joined in his fence painting by new volunteer Terry.

23. And to close - a train being marshalled in the late afternoon sunshine at Woody Bay.

Photos 1-5,14,16-22 Roger Bye and 6-13, 15 and 23 Graham Rust.

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