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EAST at Expo NG

This is EAST reporting from Expo Narrow Gauge 2015 at Swanley in Kent!

The event was chosen to be the venue for our maiden outing for a new L&B sales/information stand which was finished very recently. It was a great success with lots of interest in the L&B at the stand and a good number of sales. It was great to meet many new people and catch up with friends and L&B members.

At the exhibition it was also good to see many other stalls having the L&B rolling stock from PECO, either actually running on the layouts or for sale. The PECO stand itself was very busy, very little on display, but what was there was one certain little engine currently in black which was attracting a huge amount of interest! Hmm, wonder what that could be! Here are some photos.

1. Finishing touches to setting up.

2. Just before the doors opened.

3. Busy busy!

4. And all that packs down into a rather familiar looking trailer!

5. If you see L&B T1 on the road, please note the time and location and also take a photo if you are able. Please email or tweet @SnowbearDE so we can record where it gets seen on its travels!

A huge thanks to everyone who has helped and more exciting news soon!

Photos and text Dave Ely


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