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Submitted by lauriem on Sat, 30/07/2022 - 10:57
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Charles Summers (Trustee) reports steady progress continues at Friday Wood Farm in Essex thanks to the East Group.

Van 23 woodwork is now substantially complete, in store and ready for assembly on the new chassis when it has been finished and delivered.

The team has now turned its attention to preparing reclaimed timber from the Ipswich Church for use in the reconstruction of open observation carriage number 9.

Any Members from Essex or Suffolk who want to try their hand at Carriage building phone me on 01268-695193.
(all jobs needed including tea maker!)

Charles Summers.

Doors for Van 23 in store ready for installation on the new underframe


Wood from the church in Ipswich being machined up after de-nailing. (This will be used for Carriage No 9 roof).
More reclaimed wood for floorboards of carriage No. 9