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Axe in revenue service at Woody Bay, March 1st 2009

The 11:30 steaming up the 1 in 50 towards the station with a train full of passengers on the first day of service.

Axe in steam on 11th November 2008

Axe in steam at Woody Bay, Armistice Day , 11/11/08

Steaming past the newly installed advertising boards on the Down Platform during the Armistice Day commemoration and dedication. More pictures of the event can be found here.

A high-quality restoration programme 

A 93-year Journey...

Kerr Stuart works photo of a Joffre class locomotive, 1915
                    From this (1915)...

                Axe as acquired by the L&B in 1983
                                            ... 1983 ...

                          Axe under restoration, Summer 2006
                                                     ... 2006 ...

                                    Axe at Gartells, October 2008 (photo by Ian Cowling)
                                                          ... October 2008 ...

                                            Axe arrives at Woody Bay, 10 November 2008
                                                                     ... 10/11.2008 ...

                                                        Axe - Restored to Steam,11/11/08
                                                             ... 11th November, 2008 ... to this!!

Why AXE was so important

Although there are long-term projects to build replicas of the L&B Manning Wardle 2-6-2Ts and LYN the Baldwin engine,  these locos are far larger than our current needs. Also, when the railway re-opened at Woody Bay in 2004 as we had no steam locos of our own we had to hire them - the Railway needed a steam engine of its own which was why rebuilding Axe was so important

Axe following its restoration in 2009

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