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Gala 2010

The Ffestiniog Railways newly completed, full-sized, L&B Manning-Wardle replica came to Woody Bay in North Devon - accompanied by original L&B coach (No.15) FR No.14 and Ffestiniog Railway 1st class carriage No.102 to form a heritage train especially for our 2010 Autumn Gala.

How many of us thought that 75 years after the L&Bs closure everyone would now have the opportunity to ride into Woody Bay behind an engine of the type that was used on the L&B and in the last carriage to leave Woody Bay Station on 29th September 1935. Read about the fate of this coach as written in the Railway Magazine for February 1957 - just two years before the Ffestiniog Railway saved it from certain destruction -  click here

Gala Details

LYD and the heritage coaches ran alternately with AXE and the L&Bs resident coaches.  With fewer than 40 seats on each Lyd hauled heritage train, a special ticket in addition to the Gala entry ticket. was required.

Park & Ride operated from the market site at Blackmoor Gate and from Caffyns Halt with only Blue Badge parking available at Woody Bay Station.

Tickets to ride in the Heritage Train were £5 each and seats were allocated in the ex L&B carriage first and then in the Ffestiniog carriage once the L&B carriage was full.

Gala entry tickets covered the Park & Ride, entry to the site and all day travel behind AXE.

As well as the visiting L&B steam loco replica LYD our resident steam locos, AXE and SID, were in action as was little YEO on the miniature railway and also Real Ales, Hog Roast, Model Marquee and free entertainment for the kids .

'Our Once and Future Railway'

Roger Dimmick's superb photo of Lyd with the early morning sun illuminating the white exhaust as she hurries her train along Gwyndy Bank Sunday 16th August 2010.

Lyd's Recent History

The first entirely new engine to be built at Boston Lodge Works since David Lloyd George in 1992 Lyd is a replica of one of the Manning Wardle locomotives which used to run on the Lynton & Barnstaple Railway

With construction taking over 15 years, the first public steaming was on May 2nd. 2010.  But, as the loco was not complete, it did not move under its own power until her maiden journey on 5 August when the loco ran slowly across the Cob to Porthmadog Harbour station where she engaged in some shunting.

The last steam loco to be inspected under the old ROTS (Railways and Other Transport Systems) approval system for steam locos -  the inspection by David Keay HM Principal Inspector Of Railways took place on Friday 6th August.

Lyd hauled its first test train from Boston Lodge works to Rhiw Goch in glorious summer sunshine on Sunday August 8th 2010 and performed faultlessly.


LYD Looms large against Double-Fairlie ‘Earl of Merioneth’ 8/08/2010 (TN)

After undergoing "running in" and commissioning trials Lyd was seen in a variety of locations on the FR as a few miles were clocked up and any snags ironed out.

The first passenger carrying train was a "special" reserved for "LYD-ites" (LYD project contributors) and ran the 11th of September. as part of the Welsh Highland Railway super power event held over that weekend.

The following week  Lyd visited the far south as guest of Nigel and Kay Bowman's,  Launceston Steam Railway for a few days steaming culminating in a well received day of hauling passenger trains on Sunday 19th September.

Our thanks to Nigel and Kay for their hospitality - several L&B Members were observed enjoying the delight of another bit of the Southern! 

The loco remained in black livery for a year or so, as with any new build there is was a risk of damaging an expensive paint job whilst sorting out any snags..  As there are very few who have ever seen a full size L&B MW in colour it might come as a surprise to know that the predominant colour of an L&B engine was in any case black!

Research by Railway World's "Young Isambard", Handel Kardas, who died in August 2000 just days after his 48th birthday, concluded that had Lyd  been built alongside Lew , she would have been outshopped as Southern Railways E190. (The E indicating Eastleigh).  Lyd will carry this cabside number as a constant reminder of an inspirational supporter of the project, sadly no longer with us.

The works plate build date will be 2010 - Boston Lodge Works and it will carry FR fleet No.14.

Lyd  weighs 25 tons. Axle loadings are: Front truck 3.5, Front Driver 6.5, Mid Driver 6.0, Rear Driver 5.0 and Rear truck 4.0 tons.


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