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Barclay 984 1903  0-4-0ST Darent. Ex Provan Gasworks, Glasgow, the Provan Group acquired Darent in July 1999 as a kit of parts. In the course of the loco being regauged from 2' 6” to 2', the Group decided to rebuild the loco as a saddle tank with an open cab, and work proceeded at the a private 2' gauge Eynsford Light Railway in Kent.

Following this major overhaul the locomotive returned to working order at the start of 2005. Its first public outing being a visit to the Bredgar & Wormshill Railway.

The visit to the Lynton & Barnstaple Railways 2005 autumn gala was Darent's second public outing and the first opportunity for the L&B to operate double headed steam trains as a heritage railway.

Darent at the 2005 Gala Darent paired with Bronllwyd at Woody Bay Station, 2005

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