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LYD was built by the Ffestinog Railway to the design of the "Lynton & Barnstaple Railway Class" locomotives originally built for the L&B by Manning Wardle in 1897.  It is owned and operated by the Ffestiniog and Welsh Highland Railway. To read more about LYD CLICK HERE

First steamed in Spring 2010, LYD - in unlined black livery and oil-fired - visited Woody Bay in late 2010 for our Annual September Autumn Gala. This year marked the 75th anniversary of closure of the L&B September 30th 1935.

Above: James Evans (the man who started it all back in the early 1990's) and Paul Lewin (General Manager Ffestiniog and Welsh Highland Railway) pose at Killington Lane with the wreath "Perchance its awake" September 2010.

This was regarded as a milestone in the history of the rebuilding of the L&B as most had thought they would never again see a full-size Manning Wardle operating in North Devon. Since then it has only got better!

LYD returned for the 2013 May Gala especially to haul newly completed heritage carriages No.7 and No.17 - two original Lynton & Barnstaple restored vehicles.

This time in full Southern livery and coal-fired she made for an impressive sight in the North Devon landscape. Photo Trevor Ley

With the completion of carriage No.16 LYD returned once again, this time to haul three restored L&B carriages at the September 2014 Gala. Photo Andrew Pettey.

With the return of No.11 - a fourth L&B carriage in 2015, LYD was wa back on on site for the 2016 Autumn Gala. Photo Dave Hallett

Paul Lewin (Driver 190) Photo - Photo Judy Williams

Our 2010, 2013, 2014 and 2016 Galas would not have been possible without the significant support of F&WHR General Manager Paul Lewin and his team, including several visiting drivers, fireman and many other F&WHR supporters who were on site over most of the gala days - and also to LYD's creator James Evans. The L&B thanks them all for their continued support of our railway ... no longer sleeping!

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