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Gala Days No.11


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TAGVideo Production DVD

Produced by Trevor Garnham. this is No.11 in the series. For the first time, features two discs with a total running time of three and a half hours, documenting both the Spring and Autumn 2017 Galas plus extra footage as detailed below.

Featuring the debut of the new-build Baldwin E762 'Lyn' with the scenes of the loco paired with the heritage carriages on launch day and also over the two-day September gala . Included is 45-minutes documenting the build-up to the loco's naming ceremony, with scenes filmed at Alan Keef Ltd.

There is also 25-minutes of film telling the story of the Lynbarn Railway, the L&B's fundraising ralway, without which there would be no L&B.

All proceeds go towards rebuilding the railway.


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