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L&BR Advance Ticket Third Class


Help the Lynton & Barnstaple Railway over this very difficult time in its history and prepare for your next visit to the line by purchasing your tickets in advance.

Advance Tickets

At the moment we cannot go to Woody Bay and take a ride on our beloved Lynton & Barnstaple Railway viewing the unrivalled scenery and soaking in the ambience and delights of riding in Victorian period carriages pulled by beautifully maintained and cherished steam locomotives. Savour the memory!

However, before too long this will all change, life will return to normal and North Devon will beckon in its irresistible way. You can prepare for that day by buying your tickets in advance

This ticket is neither date-limited nor pre-booked. However, these are not valid at special events

All purchases made this way will assist the L&BR CIC to weather the current Coronavirus problems and give you a positive reason to visit Woody Bay again soon.

Buy as many as you like!

PLEASE NOTE: No physical tickets will be sent out. Just keep your receipt and present it in the shop when you visit. The shop at Woody Bay will have a record of you tickets and these will be issued to you on the day of travel.

Thank you for your support during these unprecedented times. 

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