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The Taunton to Barnstaple Line, a history of the Devon & Somerset Railway Volume 2

The Taunton to Barnstaple Line, a history of the Devon & Somerset Railway Volume 2

Written by Freddie Huxtable, published by Lightmoor Press 232 pages.

Volume 2  (the Route, Stations and Signalling) is now available, with Volume 3 expected sometime in 2019.

This second volume brings the line back to life, with a detailed descriptive journey along its 44-mile length from Taunton to Barnstaple. Lavishly illustrated with a superb range of photographs, mainly taken in the 1950s and early 1960s - most of which have not been published before - serve to emphasise the beautiful countryside through which the line passed.

Ex-GWR 'Moguls' abound, along with other ex-GWR locomotive types, a few BR designs and some Southern Region interlopers! There is a detailed review of the stations along the route and their development, as the journey progresses westwards over three chapters. Included are numerous detailed track plans covering each location and there are plans too of some of the key civil engineering structures on the route.

The final chapter covers the signalling of the D&SR line, its development from broad gauge days, single line working, signal box histories and signalling diagrams for each box. This volume will certainly appeal to locals who remember the line and particularly to modellers but also to many others who may wish to delve in more detail in to the previously neglected Devon & Somerset Railway.

Volume 1 subtitled "From Conception to Demise", is also available Click HERE


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