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1st Report - September Working Weekend

September 2019 Working Weekend - Wistlandpound


A return visit to Wistlandpound (last time was back in January 2010) and the first September working weekend. This is to carry out clearance of the intended station site and approaches so that survey and design work can be completed.

James Bloomfield has sent us these photos of the work carried on Friday and Saturday

1. 2. & 3. Friday saw a small group making a start clearing the trackbed Blackmoor side of Bridge 52 and clearance of the embankment a short distance away towards Bridge 53.

4. & 5. The view from Bridge 52 looking towards Blackmoor on Saturday morning.

6. With a larger band of volunteers we soon cleared the cutting sides. There was additional help from a local contractor. Somewhere under that mound of vegetation is a dumper truck, taking the cuttings away.

7. L&BR Company Director Anne Belsey surveys progress

8. & 9. Piles of debris awaits collection and a closer view of Bridge 52.

10. 11. & 12. By lunchtime, the Blackmoor side of Bridge 52 was almost clear.

13. We enjoyed our well earned break in beautiful sunshine. 14.  With welcome tea and biscuits (hobnobs!) from Tracey.

15. A general view from the cleared track bed curving towards Bridge 52 just out of sight.

16. After lunch, we started clearing the other side of Bridge 52,the site of the future Wistlandpound Halt.

17. & 18. Looking back through Bridge 52 towards Blackmoor.

19. The vegetation is dense in places!

There was another group clearing track bed on the embankment towards Bridge 53. All this work will allow detailed surveying in preparation for the line's extension.

Photos and text by James Bloomfield

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