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4th October - an update

During the commissioning of LYN - in the run up to the gala - it was discovered that the turnouts at the Barnstaple end of Killington Lane have short lead-ins and a tight crossing angle - too tight a radius for LYN to negotiate safely. Consequently, run-rounds with LYN at Killington Lane have not been sanctioned until this pair of turnouts are replaced for something more suitable.

These 2' 6" ex-MOD turnouts were reduced to 60cm in Woody Bay car park. See It has to be remembered that Killington Lane was originally laid out to accommodate the Thorpe Park carriages and the small locos in use at the time. The railway rolling stock has improved somewhat in the intervening years.

Over the gala weekend, loco-release was used on Saturday with LYN and ISAAC hauling alternate trains. On Sunday the train of heritage carriages was topped and tailed by both engines so as to reduce the time taken running-round at both ends and so provide more trains in a given time to accommodate the volume of passengers wanting to enjoy a ride behind LYN,

Using loco-release for standard service trains, would not be economic - restricting the operating loco to either ISAAC or AXE. The exception will be Saturday 14th October when a film crew will be on site filming a new DVD and Remembrance Sunday, 12th November which of course is the L&B Members Day.

Despite rumours to the contrary - even at the reduced boiler pressure - LYN performed faultlessly over the weekend and is a credit to all those involved in its design and construction.

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