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Autumn Gala 2018

Well, what a fantastic weekend with more than 100 volunteers involved with our Autumn Gala. Our most successful gala to date

Thank you everyone.

The wreath on Captain Thomas Alfred Woolf's grave in Martinhoe churchyard.

For those that could not make it - a superb video by James Bloomfield that encapsulates the event.

Received at Woody Bay: Sunday 30 September

Dear Lynton & Barnstaple Railway

My wife and I attended your superb gala yesterday, with our whippet. We used public transport throughout: train to Barnstaple, then the 309 or 310 bus.

You will doubtless be aware of the dreadful accident at Blackmoor Gate in the afternoon, which blocked the A39 for some considerable time, and which - amongst other things - prevented the 310 running through to Woody Bay and Lynton. Having waited at Martinhoe Cross for some time we were rescued by your Lynton shuttle coach, eventually reached Blackmoor Gate via your Park & Ride service, and then Barnstaple by a 310 which left from the Park & Ride field. I dread to think how the bus to Lynton actually got there - via Simonsbath, presumably - as it was the wrong side of the accident.

What needs to be put on record is the response of all the bus crews and your car parking stewards. This was not an incident that they could possibly have anticipated. They rose to the occasion magnificently, kept us informed to the very best of their ability, and advised people how to get to their destinations under the very difficult circumstances. Their performance was a great credit to themselves and the L&B Railway: please pass our thanks to them. Full marks to all concerned.

Best wishes


Would you please pass on my thanks to ALL the volunteers who made the event most enjoyable, especially those at the P&R site at Blackmoor Gate who could not apologies too much for the situation, caused by the accident at the entrance. As I said to one it was not the fault of the Trust and look on the bright side, it was not "normal" gala weather.



Many thanks to the organisers and volunteers for the excellent gala event. I was a visitor, for the first time, on Saturday and was very impressed with what has been achieved at Woody Bay, in a beautiful setting.

Thanks also to L&B staff who helped to sort out bus connections after the accident and road closure.



I must write to congratulate you on the arrangements for last weekend's gala. The highlights for my son and myself were:

  • It was marvellous to have both LYD and LYN together on their home territory.
  • Parking at Blackmoor Gate is so much more convenient than the field at Caffyns.
  • The excellent commentary about the plans for the first extension during the bus journey to Woody Bay.
  • Plenty of room for all the visitors.
  • The usual excellent food and drink.
  • The sunny weather you'd obviously arranged specially.
  • The opportunity to return for a half-price return visit, of which I took advantage the following week in similar sunny weather.

The excellent emergency arrangements made for the shuttle bus on Saturday afternoon.
And the best idea of all - setting up the photographer's area at Killington Lane on the sunny side of the trains. Please can this be made a permanent feature, as the path crossed only one siding, which I imagine is seldom used.


Graham Rust took these two photos of gala stalwarts Lindsay and Julian Palmer cleaning LYD in advance of the Gala.

A delighted Eric Leslie takes his first trip behind LYN & LYD. (Photo Chris Bull)

Here is a selection from Nigel Thompson.

Two views from Chelfham.


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