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Axe in Service: 1st March 2009

AXE hauled its first passenger trains to begin the 2009 season.

It was a clear, dry day and the sun eventually appeared to enhance the photo opportunities. Visitors were about, as well as several members enjoying seeing AXE and riding the train. The newly completed toilet block was well received, with many favourable comments on the high standards achieved both inside and out. The shop and catering also did a healthy trade with the 110 passengers carried today.

After the last train the Trust's Winter Draw was carried out in the station. The winners will be contacted shortly.

Several members have kindly submitted photos of the first day of operation with Axe. Although taken on several different journies, they are shown here in the chronological order of a single journey.  


Dave Blencowe, Tony Nicholson, Steve Phillips, Nigel Thompson, Dave Tooke

1. Axe simmers, waiting

2. Axe prepares to leave Woody Bay

3. Leaving the station

4. Down the 1 in 50

5. Arriving at Killington Lane

6. Axe running round the train

7. Axe prepares to reverse ...

8. ... back onto the train ...

9/10. ...and begin the return journey

11. Passing Bridge 67

12. ... and the sleeper storage site ...

13. Up the 1 in 50, with the Exmoor hills in the background

14 ... towards Woody Bay

15/16. ... and the station approaches ...

17. ... to the end of the journey

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