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EA Work Weekend:- Snapper photo album

On Saturday and Sunday, 26th and 27th February,  Exmoor Associates held its first Winter Work Weekend since acquiring Snapper Halt, Bridge 15 and 700 yards of L&B trackbed in December.



 In case you don't know where we are...

1.  The new running-in board replicates the original from June 1904. (Nigel Thompson)

Preliminary work started on Wednesday, so that prior to the arrival of the main work force on Saturday morning, the trackbed had been cleared of vegetation and scraped, as was the platform. The hedging along the bordering road had been trimmed and cut back.

On Saturday more than 25 people attended, comprising EA shareholders, other supporters including several L&B Trust members and volunteers from Woody Bay. A number of tasks were achieved. The dead wood from some trees was removed free-of-charge thanks to the generosity of a local tree-surgeon. The old metal corrugated roof having been removed, a new tiled roof was provided. A “Snapper Halt” Running-In Board that had been provided by the L&B Surrey Support Group was erected behind the platform in the position and style of the original pre-1935 board.

Considerable work still remains outstanding, including resolving the drainage problems, and restoring the platform and trackbed surfaces. Bridge 15 has to be repaired and the PW Hut rebuilt. Station fixtures are being painted in the pre-1923 L&B livery.

2.  Snapper Halt - "Then" - showing the shelter and coach 1, later burnt where it stood.

3. Preparing the vegetation cut from the trackbed embankments for the bonfire.  (Nigel Thompson)

4. The corrugated roof removed, preparing to fit the new roof. (Chris Dadson)

5. Fitting the timber to support the new roof tiles.   (Chris Dadson)

6. Snapper Halt shelter re-roofing, from the trackbed (Dave Tooke)

7. View within the shelter.   (Chris Dadson)

8. The Running-In Board displayed above the shelter.  (Chris Dadson)

9. Work fitting the roof tiles continues whilst the placement of the Running In Board has been completed.   (Chris Dadson)

10.  A break in the work schedule!   (Chris Dadson)

 11/12.  Long distance views of the platform from the bank of the River Yeo. (Dave Tooke)/ (Mike Buse)


13. Catering at Snapper is fairly elementary at present.  (Chris Dadson)

14. Re-roofing the shelter is almost complete. (Nigel Thompson)

15. Long shadows at the end of a busy day (Nigel Thompson)

 16. The access pathway coming down from the road above now awaits its new surface.  (Chris Dadson)

17. The new gate allowing access to the station. (Nigel Thompson)

18. Bridge 15 is located a short distance north of Snapper Halt.   (Mike Buse)

 19. A bridge marker for Bridge 15 has been manufactured in concrete and will eventually be placed at the bridge.  (Chris Dadson)

20. The remains of an old PW stone shelter which EA intend to rebuild.  (Chris Dadson)

20a. the same scene in 1961, after the FR had recovered coach 15. (Ron Fisher)

20b. Coach 15 beside the platelayers hut before the FR visit..


21. View of the River Yeo looking south towards Barnstaple from the adjacent trackbed at the north end of the EA owned section of land. (Chris Dadson)

22. View of the River Yeo from the same location, looking north towards Lynton.   (Chris Dadson)

23. View across the boundary fence along the trackbed of the neighbouring land looking towards Woody Bay & Lynton.   (Chris Dadson)  

 Words by Chris Dadson, Photos as acknowledged
More photos from the weekend activities can be viewed on the Exmoor Associates Snapper Album.  For more about Exmoor Associates, and details of further EA volunteering opportunities, visit the Exmoor Associates Website

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