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January 2017 Winter Working Weekend 3rd report


Roadworks TriangleOrange Army Weekend!

The second Winter Working Weekend commenced last Friday January 27th - 29th.

After completing the recent relaying of our two occupation crossings, the team returned to continue the clearance of the cutting between Bridge 54 and 53 at Wistlandpound. See map below.

Report No. 3 Graham Rust has sent us this third selection of photos taken over the Working Weekend

1. The Blackmoor end of the cutting showing what was cleared the last working weekend.

2. What still needs clearing!

3. & 4. Martyn Budd uses the excavator to remove a tree stump.

5. Progress being made.

6. The poor conditions under foot at the Wistlandpound end of the cutting.

7. Tea and cake courtesy of Judy Williams? Served up by Graham and Tracy. Had at least 2 members new to volunteering.

8. 9. & 10. More of the same - tree clearing/cutting/log moving etc.

11. The very wet Wistlandpound end taken from Bridge 53.

Just three more from Sunday to show the progress made and the state of the ground conditions.

A second report with more photos from James Bloomfield on a a rather wet Sunday.

1. The first of the gang to arrive were given plenty to do with three trees having been felled.

2. Father and son duo, John and Michael Uphill, were pleased with their work.

3. Undeterred by the wet conditions, Steve Oates starts a new bonfire.

4. Looking north towards Blackmoor - with more trees felled......

5. ..... and south, towards Wistlandpound, midst smoke from the bonfire.

6. The chainsaw gang of Michael Uphill, Chris Carder and John Uphill, clearly pleased with their day's labours.

7. Martyn Budd using the excavator to collect more logs.

8. As the water level rises, Pete Snashall, Malcolm Hector and Julia Snashall attend to Steve Oates' fire.

9. The excavator collects yet another load.

10. Your photographer having a great time!

11. Is this the wettest place a bonfire has ever been started?

12. The progress at the end of the weekend - looking south....

13. ..... and looking north towards Blackmoor.

Come and join the fun in March when we'll be clearing the station site at Wistlandpound.

This first report from James Bloomfield

Here's some photos from Saturday. Good progress was made.


1. Keith Lamprey tries to keep the water flowing away Bridge 53, however, this will remain a problem until we access the trackbed the other side of the bridge.

2. Looking north towards Blackmoor from the same location.

3. In the distance, General Manager, Martyn Budd, makes his way in the excavator to clear the wood previously cut during last November's working weekend.

4. The excavator is put to good use again. Here with the bucket attachment clearing the quagmire.....

5. .... now with the new log grabber, loading a bonfire.

6. Three of the guys gather-up cut branches.

7. Peter Snashall and Sonia Oakey pose in the mud for the camera.

8. The route to Bridge 53 at the Wistlandpound end of the cutting is now clear.

9. A load of dead wood is moved with ease using the log grabber.

10.  The smaller pieces of wood are collected by hand ....

11. ......while Martyn Budd, excavator and log grabber deal with the bigger bits!

12. With Bridge 53 in the background, yet another load is collected.

13. STAND CLEAR EVERYONE! That includes you Julia Snashall!

14. Another tree felled ready for collection.

15. & 16. The gang take a tea-break to admire their work from Bridge 53.

The next working weekend will be:

March 24 - 26 - Clearance of our Wistlandpound Station site.

As always, further details from Pete Snashall or Martyn Budd 07966 436403 or email

Thanks Pete


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