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March Signalling update

On Monday 26th February Don Newnham and Dick Gunn were busy sorting out the locking and wire runs for the new UP signal - the shunting signal for engines moving the "wrong way" along the down platform.

1. Here is a view seldom seen, the rear of the Woody Bay lever frame. The two ‘boxes’ are called Locking Trays and contain the locking system that prevents two trains being signalled to use the same track at the same time.

2. Until now, to allow a train to depart from the Up Platform, Lever 2 (the red one, second from right) was 'reversed', or pulled. The signal then giving the ‘all clear ‘ to the engine crew. We do not have provision for a new lever to operate the new signal so it will also be operated by lever 2. For the new system to function it was necessary to remove part of the lever 2 locking and replace it with outside locking operated by the points. The greasy bars on top are two of several Interlocking Bars. Under these are 8 Tappets - these are hinged on the Levers and each moves across the Locking Tray as it's Lever is pulled or pushed.

3. The two Interlocking bars on top are removed and the tappets lifted out of the way.

4. An Interlocking Bar has shaped pieces of metal ( nibs ) riveted to it, the nibs slot into similarly shaped cutouts in the Tappets. As a Tappet moves it causes a nib to move sideways and take that Locking Bar with it. Other Nibs on the same Bar can lock / release other Tappets and their Levers. The Bar to be altered is the greasy one at the top of the picture.

5. The Interlocking Bar out ….

…and the nib removed.

7. The Up Starter. The pulley that guides the signal wire now has to be repositioned .....

8. … the wire can run to the new locking installation.

9. This was a good day to tackle these jobs as no trains were running; however not all the new locking has yet been assembled, so making use of the newly positioned pulleys, a new wire was made to run between the Up Starter…..

10. ….and the existing wire. This new wire will be used as part of the completed assembly. The remaining work can be carried out later, even when trains are running.

Photos and text Don Newnham

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