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November Winter Working Weekend Part 2


Roadworks TriangleOrange Army Weekend Part II

James Bloomfield has sent us this report including a bumper set of photos of the working weekend. James came down earlier in the week and had undertaken various tasks from Thursday onwards.

1. After a great start on Friday, this was the view from Bridge 54, the northern end of the cutting, looking south on Saturday morning.

2. General Manager, Martyn Budd with the new log-grabber attachment fitted to the mini excavator.

3. The log-grabber makes moving wood so much easier......

4. .....straight onto the bonfire.

5. Further south in the cutting, cut wood is piled up ready for collection.

6. Still further south, Julian Palmer and team create yet more piles of wood.

7. The cutting gets deeper the further towards Wistlandpound you go.

8. Pete Gallon from Ashford in Kent, leads the way into the undergrowth.

9. Near the south end of the cutting, in almost perfect condition, Southern Railway concrete fence posts await reuse.

10. Due to poor drainage after over 80 years of closure - the southern (Wistlandpound) end of the cutting is very wet.....

11. .....which gets worse and worse.

12. Mechanisation improves output. The new grabber proved its worth this weekend alone, moving tons of wood.

13. Progress from the halfway point looking south.

14. Great to see the Welsh Highland Railway's "Rest of the World Gang" on site once again. All itching to get on with track laying. Next year maybe?

15. Lunchtime! Two of the Welsh Highland Railway's "Rest of the World Gang" receive Fred the dog's undivided attention.....

16. ......before turning his attention to Pete Gallon and Peter Nicholas.

17. Looking north towards Blackmoor; from missing Bridge No.54 to the open trackbed.

18. Lindsay and Julian Palmer with Alistair Hall, stand on all that remains of Bridge 54 - the southern abutment.

19. Now joined by Oliver Budd.

20. The embankment north of Bridge No.54 (looking towards Blackmoor) reveals open views of the Devon hills.

21. Looking south towards the worksite.

22. Meanwhile, back in the cutting the work continues.

23. Failing light but the work carries on.......

24.......keeping the bonfires fed.

25. Sunday morning at Bridge 53 - Alistair Hall attempts to get the water flowing away from the site.

26. Looking north towards Blackmoor from the same point.

27. Cut wood piled up on the floor of the cutting.

28. The swampy conditions required a chain gang to pass the cut wood to the bonfire.

29. Looking North from the halfway point on Sunday afternoon.

30. Looking South, Rob Ford and a casual Alistair Hall admire the weekend's efforts.

We'll be back at the end of March to finish off. Why not come along and join the fun?

Words & Photos James Bloomfield

Part one of this photo-fest is HERE

The next two working weekends will be:

January 27 - 29 - Track maintenance including stripping out and relaying our two occupation crossings.

March 24 - 26 - Clearance of our Wistlandpound Station site.

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