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Report: Alan Keef Open Day

Alan Keef's Steam-Up and Open Day 2016

Alongside a display of their current projects, the main point of interest for all L&B aficionados was the substantial and magnificent progress on 'E762 LYN.

John Heys has kindly created this brief report.

1. Chassis showing left hand cylinder and front cowcatcher fitted.

2. Chassis from the rear, with bunker now in position.

3. Connecting rods and other parts, displayed with their manufacturing drawings

4. Other parts on show. The component which looks like a moon landing module is actually the blast pipe, with integrated blower nozzles.

5. Ian Gaylor, Lyn's designer, explains the finer nuances of the design to a fascinated visitor.

6. Centre of the frames.

7. The screw reverser.

8. The eccentrics on the rear axle, which provide the movement to operate the steam valves at exactly the right moment to drive the pistons.

9. Outside in the yard, the boiler (completed a few years ago) complete with chimney and steam dome. The current plan is to trial fit the boiler in November, together with the wooden cab, in order to finalise the arrangement for the steam manifold and pipework in that area within the cab.

10. The view inside the smokebox showing the superheater elements and the chimney shroud which sits above the blast pipe.

We hope our readers will be happy to see the great progress on this wonderful project.

Photos and text John Heys

Also, this collection of photos from Bob Barnard.

1. Peter Pan (ex Parracombe Quarry) at work.

2. Left-hand side.

3. Front view, & 4. Fly crank detail

5. Coal bunker and footplate.

5. Another view of the coal bunker and footplate showing the handbrake and screw reverser.

6. Close-up view of the screw reverser. & 7. The lining on the bunker.

8. LYN's boiler with steam dome and chimney attached.

Above photos by Bob Barnard.

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