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A Rowley Moor House timeshare is for sale

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Due to a change in personal circumstances, one of the Rowley Moor Properties shareholders has reluctantly decided to sell their share in the L&BR related holiday property "Rowley Moor House" at Blackmoor Gate.

This share is entitled to the week commencing Saturday 9th May. Trains will be running at Woody Bay most days that week. Indeed, the weekend of 9th - 10th May will be the L&B Spring Gala.

In subsequent years the allocated week for the share moves on by about 18 weeks - this means each shareholder gets to see and enjoy Exmoor in all the various seasons as the years go by.

Please have a look at this page to learn more about timeshares in Rowley Moor House. If you would like more details then please send an email

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