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Toilet Block Progress

The Woody Bay toilet block - built on the site of, and in the style of, the original sheds - now has a water-tight slate roof. If all goes to plan the toilet block will be in use very soon. A piece of block work salvaged from the original sheds had the date 1910 inscribed into it. This has been incorporated into the new building together with a new block suitably dated 2008.

The roof trusses go into place The finished product at the end of the day's work

The new toilet block approaching completion - 27 October 2008

 The new toilet block approaching completion on 27 October 2008, with the roof tiles now in position, looking as if they have always been there.  (Photo: Tony Nicholson)

  Nigel Thompson)From the trackside (photo Tony Nicholson

From inside, (photo: Nigel Thompson) and from the trackside, (Photo: Tony Nicholson) 

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