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Volunteers Hours at Woody Bay


Roadworks TriangleHow the hours mount up!

With no WIP report this week, we have uploaded these charts compiled by Roger Bye of the volunteer hours worked at Woody Bay during 2016,

The efforts of all volunteers are essential to the re-birth of the Lynton and Barnstaple Railway. Although not all volunteer work is undertaken in North Devon - Area Groups such as Great Yeldham and the management of the L&B's website are good examples - the volunteers who work at Woody Bay and other North Devon Sites, whether regularly or at working weekends and special events, record their working hours on signing-in sheets in the Mess Room, Shop and Tea Room. These records were used to compile the charts presented below.

1. The 20,259 hours worked at North Devon Sites in 2016 was the highest ever recorded. The chart shows the total hours for each year recorded since 2003. Prior to 2013, hours worked in the shop and tea rooms were not always recorded. The volunteer hours worked are equivalent to having 11 full time members of staff! There were 2955 attendances by 182 individual volunteers at North Devon Sites. If this volunteer work was costed at the National Living Wage it would be worth around £145,000 to the railway and worth £303,000 if costed at the National Average Wage.

2. The hours worked vary during the year depending on the demands of operating the railway and Gala weekends.

3. A wide range of work is undertaken by volunteers and the hours are recorded under a number of categories. Imagine what the total of volunteer hours would be if all volunteer work carried out on behalf of the L&B was recorded!

Our gratitude to all those who volunteer whether in North Devon or elsewhere - all your efforts are appreciated and valued, contributing as they do to making this railway the success that it has become.

2017 is going to be a very special year for us.

Roger Bye

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