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Work in Progress: 11th April


Roadworks TriangleWhilst LYN is away....

This week's report come from Nigel Thompson (albeit delayed as the web manager was in North Wales with LYN!)

With the Easter holiday weeks now upon us, many visitors are about enjoying the good weather and calling in at Woody Bay Station for their L&BR experience.

1. .....AXE heads the passenger train service on the approach to Woody Bay in the morning sunshine....

2. ... and is admired by our visitors at Woody Bay station.

3. Guard Bob Ayres looks concerned that his train may be late departing held up by everyone chatting to the footplate crew. Today's crew was Fireman John Heys and Driver Graham Bridge.

Trackwork today focussed on fishplate oiling. This annual task requires the lubrication of every rail joint along the railway with a special oil/grease mix that allows the linear expansion and contraction of the rail as dictated by the weather!

4. With the memorial to John Thompson in the foreground (Nigel Thompson's father who assisted with the early track laying at this point back in 2002), the fishplate oiling team are making progress along the track.

5. At each joint, the fishplate bolts are slackened to allow the thick oil to be squirted in behind them.

6. Graham Rust and Dave Pratt work ahead of the gang, slackening the next rail joint.

7. The gang stand back as AXE and the heritage carriages pass.

8. Tim Woods joined the S&T gang today to assist with the necessary and frequent greasing of all moving parts associated with the points and signals. Here he is below the down-home signal-post platform.

9. Peter Wainwright and Roger Bye measure and label various sizes of nuts, bolts, washers etc. These items are to be stored in the newly-made shelving underneath the shed stairs.

10. The Paint Shop Boys' recent work was painting this shunt-signal housing as well as some historic cast iron railway signs but where are they?

11. The Paint Shop Boys coats are hung up, awaiting their return as the "Boys" are away undertaking various family commitments during their well-deserved Easter break.

Words and photos Nigel Thompson.

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