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Work in Progress: 12th September


Roadworks TriangleAll go this week!

Although later than usual here is the Thursday Gang Report - a joint effort from Roger Bye and Nigel Thompson.

This first part of the report comes from Roger Bye.

1. 2. & 3. Steve and Nick set up the temporary fencing to provide a safe viewing and photography area at Killington Lane for use during the forthcoming Gala.

4. ISAAC pulling away from KIllington Lane.

5. The results of a third week of undergrowth clearance Killington Lane!

6. Heading back to the train for tea at Woody Bay under a very blue sky.

And this 2nd part of the report from Nigel Thompson.

7.  Misty start as a gang prepare themselves for their trip to Killington Lane.

8. Petes Colley and Smith continue scrub clearance from the cutting behind the shed.

9.  Paint Shop Boys Jim and Phil pose by the repainted DZ bogie open wagon which will feature in a mixed train at the Autumn Gala. Awaiting decisions regarding lettering styles and numbering, before Jim can continue his skills as a sign-writer to complete this project.

10. ISAAC was the locomotive today with Fireman Tom Woods and Driver Graham Bridge.

Words and photos by Roger Bye Roger Bye. 1- 6 and Nigel Thompson 7 -10.

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