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Work in Progress: 13th December


Roadworks TriangleStill laying sleepers, but also some signals this week!

Nigel is back with us once again and has sent us this week's report

1. & 2. The first task today was to transport a quantity of old sleepers, recently sold to a private railway near Bratton Fleming.

3. The gang pose at the site near Bratton Fleming.

The signalling team have recommenced building signals for the railways planned extension.

4. Cleaned-up standard-gauge bullhead rails are given an undercoat of grey primer.

5. Dick Gunn cuts spacer tubes to length.

6. These spacers tubes with bolts through the middle will hold the two bullhead rails together to form a rail-built signal post - Southern Railway style.

7. A lever frame base recently altered to length has been painted by the team.

In the shed!

8. Peter Wainwright continued to machine carriage door lock lever spindles on the milling machine.

9. Jim Pounds in the paint shop alongside a recently reproduced SR poster.

10. Barrie Cann inside Carriage Bo.17's Guards Compartment, varnishing window droplights.

11. A view down the side of Carriage No.17.

12. LYN the rostered loco for the Santa Specials is festively decorated and ready for duty.

13. Outside, HEDDON HALL with a short works train of new sleepers awaits the next shunt-move at Woody Bay.


14, 15, & 16. The gang attempt some localised resleepering today in the cold windy conditions. A short length of the transhipment siding was tackled to renew the now life-expired sleepers on this stretch of track. This is part of the first section of track to be laid at Woody Bay way back in 2002.

Words and photos by Nigel Thompson, except for 1-3  by Malcolm Kitchen.


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