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Work in Progress: 13th July


Roadworks TriangleAnother busy day at Woody Bay - and further afield!

With Nigel Thompson away, Roger Bye has provided this week's report:

1. Today, around half of the Thursday Gang members were taken to the seaside at Paignton by Martyn Budd! However, they were not there to enjoy the sun, but to recover three signals from the private garden of someone who had recently died, but had enjoyed visits to the L&B. The signals were: an SR Home signal, originally from Yeoford, an SR shunting signal and a GWR distant signal. The first two will find a place on the L&B. Southern enthusiasts will be relieved to know that the GWR signal will be bartered for other SR signals!

2, 3, 4. Dick Gunn (in the blue boiler suit) had previously partially dismantled the signals in preparation for the moving of the posts. On arrival at Paignton, the team set to removing the GWR tubular post from the ground, and extracting and separating the two halves of the rail-built SR posts so that they and all the other components could be moved to the trailer for transport to North Devon.

5, 6. Meanwhile, back at Woody Bay trains were running, with AXE in steam under the care of driver John, Fireman Dave and Guard Bob. Passengers from many parts of the UK were joined by French and Dutch visitors.

7, 8. In the shed, Nick was replacing ISAAC’s main steam pipe, remaking and sealing the top and bottom flanged joints which had been leaking.

9. Those members of the Thursday Gang who had not travelled to South Devon attended to a number of maintenance tasks. Earlier in the week, Alistair had dug out the deteriorating timbers supporting the loading dock bufferstop. Today, Dave, Malcolm and Roger installed new timbers and also replaced the last sleeper in the siding, which was also rather the worse for wear and could only be replaced with the bufferstop removed. What superb forward planning!!!

10, 11, 12. Following this light exercise(!), assisted by Peter, they filled potholes in the - well occupied - car park, then much improved the appearance of the entrance by removing the vegetation that had accumulated along the kerbstones.

13, 14. Nearby, Nigel was in action again, first painting the new lamp post and then attending to the double gates into the tea gardens.

15, 16. In the paint shop, Jim continued his work on the commemorative plaque for Barnstaple Town Station while, for a change from painting, Barrie degreased PILTON’s coupling rods.

And finally ... to remind ourselves why we undertake all this work:

17. AXE, departing from Woody Bay ...

18. ... and returning from Killington Lane!

Words and photos by Roger Bye, apart from 1, provided by the owner of the signals, and 2, 3, 4 by Graham Varney

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